Lot MS3

Sculpture «The Transience of Time»



Magadan region, Russia


55х30х10 cm


wenge wood | mammoth tusk | mammoth tooth

available in Dubai

5.000 $


Lot Essay

The author of the sculpture compares the speed of flying time with a running cheetah, rapidly rushing after its prey. The speed and instant with which he rushes can symbolize the trail of joyful memories and unfulfilled or fulfilled desires. The Allegory of Sacrifice is probably the time that was wasted. It’s great happiness to be able to appreciate what you have.”

In the sculptural composition entitled “Transience of Time,” the author uses straight rectangular shapes lengthening to the right and left. We can feel the effect of the plates moving to the right and left.

As a symbol of the inexorably current time. A sophisticated pattern of transparent and complex lace creates the impression of clouds of smoke developing behind the cheetah. Time, swift as the speed of a cheetah, leaving a trail like a mirage from our memories. And the other side is how time is merciless even to rocks, seemingly a symbol of eternity, which time also wears away with its winds.
The fragile structure, balancing on polished stones stacked on top of each other, reminds how important it is to balance with yourself and with the world around you.

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Lot MS3

Sculpture «The Transience of Time»

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Lot MS3

Sculpture «The Transience of Time»

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