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Neolithic polished axes 7×5 cm





Size 7x5


6000 BC


polish diorites | andesites

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«Neolithic Polished Axes: Pristine 7×5 cm Artifacts of Ancient Mastery»

Behold the exquisite craftsmanship of our Neolithic polished axes, each measuring a pristine 7×5 cm. These artifacts are not just pieces of history; they are a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors.

In a time when stone axes were essential tools for felling trees and shaping the world, these axes stand out for their superior quality. The secret lies in the art of polishing, a meticulous surface treatment that transcends function and elevates these artifacts to the realm of art.

Through careful polishing, every rough edge and imperfection on the stone is expertly erased, leaving behind a surface that gleams with a timeless sheen. These Neolithic polished axes embody the fusion of form and function, where utility meets aesthetics in perfect harmony.

As you integrate these exquisite pieces into your interior design, you not only acquire artifacts of unparalleled quality but also connect with the profound legacy of early human craftsmanship. Invite the mystique of the past into your living space with these exceptional Neolithic polished axes, a tribute to the enduring spirit of innovation and mastery.

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Lot AX1

Neolithic polished axes 7×5 cm

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Lot AX1

Neolithic polished axes 7×5 cm

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