Lot AX2

Neolithic polished axes 8×4 cm





Size 8x4


6000 BC


polish siltstones

available in Dubai

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Lot Essay

«Exquisite Neolithic Polished Axes — Pristine 8×4 cm Artifacts»

Experience the timeless allure of Neolithic craftsmanship with these remarkable polished stone axes. Measuring a perfect 8×4 cm, these artifacts are not only in excellent condition but also embody the essence of prehistoric ingenuity.

These stone axes were once indispensable tools for felling trees and shaping the world of our ancestors. What sets them apart is the meticulous process of polishing, a surface treatment that elevates their functionality to new heights. Through this ancient technique, every trace of roughness on the stone’s surface is expertly eradicated, revealing a pristine and gleaming finish.

These Neolithic polished axes are not merely artifacts; they are a testament to the skill and innovation of early civilizations. Each one carries with it the legacy of a time when craftsmanship was at its zenith, showcasing the enduring beauty of functional artistry. Incorporate these exquisite pieces into your interior design to connect with the rich history of our human heritage and infuse your space with the mystique of the past.

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Lot AX2

Neolithic polished axes 8×4 cm

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Lot AX2

Neolithic polished axes 8×4 cm

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