The Artefactum Gallery

Gallery — unique finds
with a rich

The Artefactum gallery is a unique and outstanding project for the Emirates. In the gallery’s collection you can find anything from unique fossil sculptures, and skeletons of animals that lived millions of years ago to even jewellery recovered by archaeological excavations.

Highlights of collection available for purchase

Lot AM1

Prehistoric mollusk fossil (Ammonite, Placenticeras costatum) with rare organic gemstone cover, circa 154 mln years old, North America

Lot JT2

72 999,00 AED

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth

Lot CA01

Nile Crocodile Throne, well-preserved skin texture and claws, Africa

Lot WPB1

Cream Arctic polar bear fur rug, Canada

Lot ICH-SK-1

Skeleton of marine predator (Ichthyosaur), circa 178 mln years old, Germany, well preserved

Unique project

Exclusive selling

New rare collections

Authenticity guarantee

Artefactum Gallery is unparalleledin the United Arab Emirates

All items exist in a single copyand are available for purchase

We often bring in new items:unique fossils, stones, jewelry, etc.

All exhibits are original, whichcan be confirmed by any expert appraisal

The Artefactum Gallery — unique finds with a rich history.

The Artefactum Gallery is a unique place that unites epochs. The past, present and future meet right here in the Artefactum Gallery, which is located in the Dubai international financial centre. Only here can you find the most incredible and exclusive exhibits that can become yours. Here, you can start your collection of extraordinary objects or add something stunning to the existing one. These exceptionally rare items may become attractive decorations of your home or office interior.


The team of the gallery will help you plunge into the atmosphere of an unforgettable historical and art adventure, which means that you will become a hunter of archeological treasures and will get the best buying experience in your life. Our collection is vast and rich. If you have a specific request, we will do our best to fulfil it.


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