Lot CA01

Exclusive Armchair from The Nile Crocodile with Light



South Africa


high 265 cm


91 kg


wood base | leather

Available in Dubai

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Lot Essay

Introducing the Exclusive Armchair from The Nile Crocodile with Light, a truly exceptional piece meticulously crafted by the gallery’s bespoke order. This unique exhibit seamlessly blends luxury with artistry to create an unparalleled interior item—a chair with a frame made from pine wood, featuring front legs fashioned as crocodile paws covered in genuine crocodile skin. The back legs, designed for stability, are crafted from fine wood. The armrests mimic crocodile paws, exquisitely adorned with crocodile leather, while the seat itself is luxuriously covered in the same high-quality material.

Key Dimensions:

Seat Width: 60cm
Seat Depth: 58cm
Height from Floor to Seat Plane: 42cm
Width Between Armrests: 62cm
Chair Height: 265cm
The back of the chair boasts the same premium crocodile skin, with an added touch of artistic brilliance—an intricately hand-painted lampshade affixed to the upper edge of the backrest, housing a lamp socket. The lampshade showcases a captivating scene of a crocodile in a tropical forest. The armchair is adorned with bronze nails for an elegant finish. This exceptional, handmade piece is more than a mere chair; it is a statement of art and sophistication that can elevate your interiors or add a touch of distinction to your office.

Crafted from the renowned Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus), this chair pays homage to the unique beauty and power of this species. As opportunistic apex predators, Nile crocodiles are known for their aggression and capability to prey on a variety of animals, showcasing the chair’s bold and assertive character.

Make a bold statement in your interior design with this one-of-a-kind armchair, marrying art, luxury, and the unparalleled allure of the Nile crocodile.

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Lot CA01

Exclusive Armchair from The Nile Crocodile with Light

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Lot CA01

Exclusive Armchair from The Nile Crocodile with Light

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