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Cow skull decorated by Jewelry beetles





40 x 28 cm


jewelry beetles | cow skull

Available in Dubai

Approximate price USD - 9000 $

32 999,00 AED


Lot Essay

Elevate Your Interior with “Cow Skull Adorned by Jewelry Beetles”

Step into a realm where artistry and nature converge, where a cow skull becomes a captivating masterpiece, adorned with the exquisite wings of the jewelry beetle. This extraordinary creation, titled “Cow Skull Adorned by Jewelry Beetles,” stands as a distinctive and enchanting decorative piece, destined to transform your interior space.

The skull, meticulously painted with black acrylic on its interior surface and elegantly displayed on a sleek metal stand, serves as both the canvas and pedestal for its external embellishment – a breathtaking assembly of approximately 1,500 wings sourced from the Sternocera ruficornis, an esteemed member of the Buprestidae family.

Sternocera ruficornis, celebrated for its vibrant metallic green elytra, holds a place of honor in the world of jewelry crafting. Measuring between 30 to 50 millimeters in length, its resplendent green iridescence graces both elytra and pronotum, creating a hallmark feature of timeless allure. Indigenous to the enchanting landscapes of southern Asia, particularly thriving in regions like northeastern Thailand, where bamboo of the Arundinaria genus flourishes, this species adds an exotic touch to our creation.

This sculpture radiates a unique metallic shimmer, gracefully transitioning from a profound, enchanting blue hue to a dazzling emerald green. The intricately overlapping goldenrod wings weave a spellbinding tapestry, metamorphosing the cow skull into a symbol of rebirth and renewal, a species unto itself. Symbolically bridging the earthly and the ethereal, this masterpiece emanates a mystical brilliance. As light and shadow dance upon its surface, offering a 360-degree visual feast, it unveils the profound depth and enchantment within.

Presented atop a metal stand, “Cow Skull Adorned by Jewelry Beetles” is not just a work of art; it’s a testament to the harmonious convergence of organic beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship. This unique and vibrantly colorful exhibit promises to be an enthralling addition that will elevate and enrich your interior space, captivating the senses and inviting you to explore the extraordinary.

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Lot SC01

Cow skull decorated by Jewelry beetles

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Lot SC01

Cow skull decorated by Jewelry beetles

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