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Polar Bear Rug




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280 x 220 cm


Ursus maritimus

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Arctic Elegance: Polar Bear Fur Rug – A Majestic Symbol of the North

Immerse yourself in the Arctic allure with our exquisite Polar Bear Fur Rug—a true masterpiece that captures the magnificence of the largest carnivorous mammal on Earth. This taxidermy specimen from Artefactum Gallery is a testament to unparalleled preservation techniques, presenting a remarkable 280 cm in length and 220 cm in width.

Key Features:

  1. Unrivaled Size and Presence:
    • This polar bear rug boasts an impressive size, measuring 280 cm in length and 220 cm in width.
    • It becomes a focal point in any space, radiating the majesty and grandeur of the Arctic wilderness.
  2. Unique Preservation Technique:
    • Artefactum Gallery employs a distinctive preservation process, ensuring the longevity and lifelike appearance of the polar bear’s skin.
    • Witness the fine art of taxidermy that preserves the bear’s fur, creating a stunning visual and tactile experience.
  3. Hollow and Translucent Fur:
    • The polar bear’s fur is uniquely adapted to its Arctic habitat, featuring hollow and translucent hairs.
    • This adaptation provides exceptional thermal insulation, allowing only ultraviolet rays to pass through and retaining heat efficiently.
  4. Shiny and Translucent Aesthetic:
    • The fur’s reflective and translucent qualities give the rug a shimmering effect, capturing the essence of the Arctic ice and snow.
    • Admire the interplay of light on the fur, creating a mesmerizing display of elegance.
  5. Heat Retention Technology:
    • Previous research has revealed the remarkable ability of polar bear fur to retain heat.
    • The hollow hairs dissipate thermal energy effectively, contributing to the bear’s survival in the harsh Arctic climate.

A Statement of Arctic Opulence:

  • Elevate your interior space with the regal presence of the Polar Bear Fur Rug—a statement of opulence and a tribute to the unparalleled beauty of the North.

Preserving Arctic Majesty:

  • Each rug from Artefactum Gallery reflects a commitment to preserving and showcasing the majestic wildlife of the Arctic.
  • Bring home a piece of the polar wilderness with this extraordinary Polar Bear Fur Rug—a blend of artistry, nature, and luxury.


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Lot WPB1

Polar Bear Rug

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Lot WPB1

Polar Bear Rug

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