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Mount of Brown Bear





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Elevate your interior decor with the majestic presence of a generously sized bearskin mount, a statement piece that infuses a room with unparalleled style. Standing at an impressive 265 cm and weighing over 90 kg, this mount features the preserved remains of an adult male bear, meticulously crafted by our skilled team of top-tier taxidermists.

The preservation of both the skin and claws is exemplary, showcasing the timeless beauty of this magnificent creature. The lifelike expression captured on the bear’s face adds a touch of realism that animates any space it graces. Mounted on a stand with wheels, this extraordinary specimen allows for effortless mobility throughout your living space, ensuring a dynamic and captivating focal point.

Renowned as the largest predator on Earth, surpassing even the lion and tiger in size, bears exude a captivating aura of power and grandeur. The bear fur, regarded as the warmest, boasts a rare dark brown hue, its thick pile and down contributing to a luxurious texture. The fur’s length and color variations, ranging from black and dark brown to light fawn, offer a versatile aesthetic appeal.

Bears, classified as carnivorous mammals within the Ursidae family, embody a symbol of courage, power, protection, curiosity, strength, intuition, maternal love, and harmony in nature. With its massive body, thick neck, and large round head, the bear is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most formidable and dangerous creatures on our planet. Acquiring this bear mount not only adds a touch of wilderness to your decor but also symbolizes the embodiment of these powerful and primal qualities.

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Lot BR01

Mount of Brown Bear

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Lot BR01

Mount of Brown Bear

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