Lot ICH-SK-1

Ichthyosaur skeleton



Holzmaden, Germany




151 cm


174 -183 million years




less than 3%, the plate is polished

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Lot Essay

Unlock the Mysteries of the Mesozoic: Ichthyosaurus — A Rarity for Interior Elegance and Discerning Collectors

Delve into the origins of paleontology with the iconic Ichthyosaurus, a classic fossil creature that marked the dawn of the 19th century’s exploration into prehistoric life. The discovery of this marine reptile, with its fish-like body, sent ripples through the scientific community, solidifying the ichthyosaur as a symbol of the Mesozoic era. Astonishingly, even today, ichthyosaurs continue to captivate scientists, revealing new insights into their anatomy and showcasing unparalleled adaptability to aquatic life.

The elegant skeletons of ichthyosaurs remain the crown jewel of any serious paleontological collection, embodying a timeless allure that transcends eras. These fossils not only tell the story of a bygone era but also serve as windows into the incredible adaptability and evolution of marine life.

Key Features:

Historical Significance: Ichthyosaurs played a pivotal role in shaping the field of paleontology, and their discovery marked a turning point in the understanding of prehistoric life.

Adaptability to Water: Recent findings continue to unravel the secrets of ichthyosaurs, highlighting their remarkable ability to thrive in aquatic environments. The study of these fossils contributes to our ongoing exploration of marine evolution.

Elegance in Design: The gracefully preserved skeletons of ichthyosaurs showcase an unparalleled elegance, making them coveted additions to collections that appreciate the artistry of nature’s ancient creations.

Acquire a piece of history and enrich your space with the timeless appeal of the Mesozoic era. The Ichthyosaurus stands not just as a fossil but as a testament to the evolution of life on Earth. Reserve your piece of this ancient marvel, and let the mysteries of the Mesozoic era adorn your interior and captivate the gaze of discerning collectors.

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Lot ICH-SK-1

Ichthyosaur skeleton

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Lot ICH-SK-1

Ichthyosaur skeleton

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