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Alberta, Canada


Placenticeras costatum


diameter 35.5


145-163 million years




77.5 kg


Excellent Iridescence

Detection year:


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Lot Essay

Elevate your collection with a truly extraordinary find—an exclusive ammonite unearthed in the rich fossil grounds of Alberta, Canada. This rare specimen boasts a remarkable feature that distinguishes it from similar discoveries: a surface adorned with a layer of fossilized mother-of-pearl, renowned in the world of paleontology as ammolite.

Dive into a visual symphony of colors as the majority of the shell showcases a lush green palette, complemented by captivating blue and yellow-orange accents. A magical dance of iridescence unfolds when the viewing angle shifts, creating a breathtaking play of colors. Classified as a gemstone for its enchanting properties, ammolite ammonites, with rare exceptions, can be found exclusively in the Canadian landscape.

Transporting you back to the Mesozoic era, when ammonites, the ancient cephalopods, ruled the seas, this exceptional specimen is a testament to the wonders of prehistoric marine life. With an approximate age of 84 to 72 million years, this ammonite is not merely a fossil; it is a meticulously preserved masterpiece. Carefully polished and varnished to protect the delicate ammolite, this fossilized gemstone promises to be a rare and exclusive addition to your collection, destined to become a focal point of admiration in your distinguished interior.

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Lot AM1


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Lot AM1


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