Lot TR-1

Paraceraurus Exsul



Leningrad Oblast, Russia


Trilobite Asapnus


13.5 cm


443-485 million years ago





Available in Dubai

1.000 $


Lot Essay

Journey Back in Time: Extraordinary Asaphus Trilobite — An Exclusive Rarity for Interior and Discerning Collectors

Step into the ancient depths of 460 million years ago when the Ordovician Sea dominated the Leningrad region, home to the remarkable arthropods known as trilobites. Our collection proudly presents an exemplary specimen from the genus Asaphus, prevalent in the Ordovician deposits of the region, frozen in time on a limestone matrix.

This extraordinary trilobite showcases meticulous preservation, with attention-drawing large head and tail shields, capturing the essence of these ancient sea inhabitants. The creature’s eyes, small and directed to the sides, add a captivating touch to the overall composition. As you marvel at the intricacies of the shell, consider this: What creature today bears the closest resemblance to the remarkable trilobite?

The very last trilobites seem to have vanished near the end of the Permian Period, marking the culmination of the Palaeozoic Era. Classified as arthropods, akin to insects, these ancient marine dwellers find their closest living relative in the horseshoe crab Limulus.

This exclusive Asaphus Trilobite, poised on its limestone pedestal, serves as a portal to a bygone era, capturing the mystique of prehistoric life. Beyond its scientific significance, this rare artifact stands as an extraordinary interior piece, a testament to the marvels of ancient seas and the evolution of life on Earth.

Key Features:

  • Impeccable Preservation: The trilobite’s shell is exceptionally well-preserved, showcasing the grandeur of its large head and tail shields.
  • Ancient Origins: Originating from the Ordovician deposits of the Leningrad region, this specimen transports you to a time when trilobites ruled the seas.
  • Scientific Significance: As a close relative to insects, trilobites provide invaluable insights into the evolution of arthropods and the interconnectedness of Earth’s diverse life forms.

Enrich your living space with the exclusive rarity of the Asaphus Trilobite, a captivating fusion of history and elegance. Whether you are a seasoned collector or an enthusiast of natural wonders, this unique piece invites you to connect with the mysteries of our planet’s ancient past. Reserve your piece of prehistoric majesty and let the Asaphus Trilobite make an indelible mark on your interior and collection alike.


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Lot TR-1

Paraceraurus Exsul

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Lot TR-1

Paraceraurus Exsul

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