Lot AM-2

Ammonite Perisphinctes Sp.







Diameter 54 cm


145-163 million years




Completely fossilized, untreated


63 kg

Available in Dubai

10.000 $


Lot Essay

Embark on an enchanting journey through time with our extraordinary Ammonite—an exquisite testament to the ancient seas and the captivating beauty of cephalopods that thrived during the Mesozoic era. Originating from the captivating landscapes of Madagascar, nestled within Jurassic sediments, this unique specimen, aged between 163 and 145 million years, stands as a majestic relic of Earth’s prehistoric epochs.

Marvel at the awe-inspiring shell, adorned with prominent transverse ribs that gracefully trace its surface, creating a visually stunning texture. Delicately veiled beneath a thin layer of fossilized mother-of-pearl, a mesmerizing lobed line pattern emerges, enhancing the inherent allure of this extraordinary piece. Preserved in impeccable condition, the shell retains its original form, having undergone no additional processing.

This monumental Ammonite serves as a striking conversation piece and an unparalleled interior object, ready to grace your space with a touch of ancient elegance. Its commanding presence, measuring [specify dimensions], invites you to explore the mysteries of Earth’s past and make a bold statement in your decor.

Indulge in the unique opportunity to own a piece of history, as this remarkable Ammonite seamlessly integrates the wonders of the prehistoric world into your modern surroundings. Act now to acquire this extraordinary interior masterpiece and infuse your space with the captivating essence of bygone eras.

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Lot AM-2

Ammonite Perisphinctes Sp.

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Lot AM-2

Ammonite Perisphinctes Sp.

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