Lot JT2

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth



Kem-Kem, Morocco




7.5 cm


93-112 million years


natural leather | silver

Available in Dubai

20.000 $


Lot Essay

We offer two pieces of Artefactum jewelry with Carcharodontosaurus teeth. We’ve come up with a special design to make such an extraordinary detail as a dinosaur tooth stand out. In this jewelry item, you can see a combination of brown shades of the tooth, rhodium plated silver and shiny black braided leather. The necklace is made in a modern style. The designer handmade a silver pendant with the dinosaur’s tooth is a staggering 7.5 cm or 6.5 cm long. A silver thread wound around the base of the tooth creates an impression of a dynamic metal transposition. The top of the tooth is crowned with a stylized dinosaur skull. The pendant is attached to a braided leather cord. The clasp looks like silver-made four paws of a dinosaur. Thanks to the thorough design, we were able to make the piece laconic but highly decorative.
The name ‘Carcharodontosaurus’ is translated as “a shark-toothed lizard”. Their super sharp teeth resembled sawteeth, and their narrow jaws, when closing, could rip even the toughest skin of herbivorous reptiles. Now you have a chance to buy a piece of the ancient world, where these amazing animals lived.

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Lot JT2

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth

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Lot JT2

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth

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