Lot JP1

Pendant The Amber Man of the Schwarzort Treasure



Juodkrantė, Schwarzort


Size: 8 cm


Age: 3500 - 1100 BC


amber | rhodium silver

available in Dubai

37.000 $


Lot Essay

Amber Man was made from a large piece of amber, it has a deep relief. With clearly defined legs, grooves for the arms, visible facial features, a nose, and hollows under the eyes. Two-through holes are typical for this type of product. A rope was threaded through the drilled holes and worn on the chest or sewn to clothing. To this day, no authentic evidence of the purpose of this item has survived. Scientists suggest that in addition to ritual use, the figurine could signify status and membership in a family tribe.
Amber man has a distinct texture of raw stone with deep depressions. The amber man is inserted into a rhodium-plated okatonte, can be used as a pendant.
The ‘Juodkrantė hoard’
« The amber anthropomorphic figurines from the ‘Juodkrantė (formerly Schwarzort) hoard’ were for a long time the only examples of Stone Age art from the eastern Baltic region. The four anthropomorphic images that were found during excavations for amber in the Bay of Juodkrantė, and one image that was found near Nida, were made public by R. Klebs in the late 19th century (Fig. 3) (Klebs 1882, pp.30 and 73, Table IX.4). The two flat amber figurines, which were made in a similar manner and which both depict upright human figures, stand out in the collection.

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Lot JP1

Pendant The Amber Man of the Schwarzort Treasure

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Lot JP1

Pendant The Amber Man of the Schwarzort Treasure

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