Lot JT1

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth



Kem-Kem, Morocco




6.5 cm


93-112 million years




Silver, natural leather

Available in Dubai

20.000 $


Lot Essay

Mesozoic Masterpiece: Carcharodontosaurus Tooth Unisex Necklace

Step into the world of ancient marvels with our extraordinary unisex necklace from Artefactum, showcasing the regal tooth of the Carcharodontosaurus. Immerse yourself in the key features of this Mesozoic masterpiece:

Key Features:

  1. Intricate Design Harmony: Crafted by skilled artisans, the necklace seamlessly blends the earthy brown tones of the dinosaur tooth with rhodium-plated silver and sleek black braided leather. The result is a modern and captivating piece that sparks the imagination.
  2. Stunning Pendant Detail: The pendant, an impressive 6.5 cm in length, presents the Carcharodontosaurus tooth with unparalleled grace. A silver thread expertly wound around the base creates a dynamic metal transposition. The crowning glory is a stylized dinosaur skull atop the tooth, adding regality to the design.
  3. Thoughtful Craftsmanship: The pendant is gracefully attached to a braided leather cord, striking a balance between strength and elegance. The clasp, resembling the silver-made four paws of a dinosaur, adds a meticulous touch. This thoughtful craftsmanship creates a piece that marries simplicity with ornate beauty.

Carcharodontosaurus Legacy: Named «a shark-toothed lizard,» the Carcharodontosaurus once roamed ancient landscapes with its razor-sharp teeth designed for tearing through the toughest hides of herbivorous reptiles. Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to carry a tangible piece of this ancient world close to your heart.

Own a Piece of Prehistory: This unisex necklace not only echoes the majesty of the Carcharodontosaurus but also provides a unique connection to a bygone era. Acquire this Mesozoic masterpiece from Artefactum and let the allure of prehistory grace your collection with unparalleled elegance. Wear a piece of history and embark on a journey through time with this captivating and rare artifact.

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Lot JT1

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth

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Lot JT1

Silver pendant with Carcharodontosaurus tooth

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