Lot JT7

Necklace Brawn Bear Claw





Ursus arctos


5,5 cm


blue sapphires | bear claw | rhodium silver

available in Dubai

3.000 $


Lot Essay

A pendant made of natural bear claw symbolizes strength, and fearlessness, and also serves as a talisman. The upper part of the pendant is made in the form of a winged skull. The chain is stylized as a brutal chain with spikes; miniature skulls are inserted between the links. Rhodium-plated silver of the nickel group with blue sapphires inserted in the eyes of the skull. The color of the claw changes from light brown to black. The miniature elements are made using the artistic casting technique.

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Lot JT7

Necklace Brawn Bear Claw

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Lot JT7

Necklace Brawn Bear Claw

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