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Baikal Amphipod — Acanthogammarus lappaceus in a Wooden Frame





9 cm

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15 x 15 cm

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Elevate Your Interior with a Remarkable Baikal Amphipod — Acanthogammarus lappaceus in a Wooden Frame.

Behold a truly exceptional piece of deep-sea wonder, captured in its pristine glory and presented in a wooden frame measuring 15 x 15 cm. Meet the Baikal amphipod, Acanthogammarus lappaceus, a remarkable crustacean that resides in the depths of Lake Baikal. This captivating specimen offers an intriguing glimpse into the unique world of endemic invertebrates thriving in this ancient and pristine freshwater ecosystem.

Amphipods, often referred to as «amphipods,» represent the most diverse group of endemic invertebrates within Lake Baikal, boasting an astounding array of species. One of the critical factors influencing the abundance of amphipods is the dissolved oxygen concentration in the water. It is this very feature that allows amphipods to flourish in various high-altitude locations, such as Lake Titicaca, situated at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level, where they reach a maximum size of 22 mm. In contrast, Lake Baikal, nestled at an altitude of 455 meters above sea level, is home to amphipods that can grow up to an astonishing 90 mm in length.

The thoracic legs of amphipods exhibit remarkable structural diversity. The first two pairs are equipped with false claws, serving as adept water-capturing tools. The subsequent two pairs terminate with claws that curve backward, while the final three pairs boast longer forward-pointing claws. Clawless limbs, found in abundance, aid amphipods in their graceful movement along the lake’s substrate, showcasing their incredible adaptability.

This magnificent and sizable specimen of Acanthogammarus lappaceus, a proud resident of Lake Baikal, is poised to grace your interior with a touch of the extraordinary. It serves as a testament to the unparalleled biodiversity and exquisite beauty that Lake Baikal harbors. Enrich your living space with this unique piece of natural history, a conversation starter that celebrates the wonders of Lake Baikal and the intricate world of amphipods.

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Lot BF1

Baikal Amphipod — Acanthogammarus lappaceus in a Wooden Frame

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Lot BF1

Baikal Amphipod — Acanthogammarus lappaceus in a Wooden Frame

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