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Transform Your Interior with the «Collection of Four Butterfly Frames from Around the World»

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the world’s most vibrant and colorful butterflies with our exquisite collection titled «Collection of Four Butterfly Frames from Around the World.» This meticulously curated assembly showcases the dazzling specimens that hail from every continent on our planet. Following the mosaic principle, we’ve carefully assembled this exclusive collection, ensuring that each sample is a testament to nature’s artistry. Notably, this extraordinary collection features only male butterflies, and our team of dedicated specialists handled their delicate preservation with utmost precision, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of each exquisite specimen.

Among the stars of this exceptional collection, you’ll find the Agrias butterflies, celebrated for their rare and vibrant characteristics. Species within the Agrias genus flaunt stunning reds, oranges, iridescent blues, and vibrant yellows, beautifully set against the backdrop of their upper wings, which are often black or bluish. The undersides of their wings reveal intricate and captivating patterns, while their robust physique, with a broad thorax and a short, wide abdomen, facilitates their graceful and swift flight. These captivating butterflies boast an impressive wingspan ranging from 70 to 120 mm, making them truly remarkable.

Our collection also pays homage to the Danainae, a group known for their fascinating poisonous butterflies. While most Danaini species are found in tropical Asia and Africa, the Ithomiini exhibit their diversity in the Neotropics, and Tellervini grace the landscapes of Australia and the Oriental region. Notable species in North America, including the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), the queen (Danaus gilippus), the tropical milkweed butterfly (Lycorea cleobaea), and the soldier butterfly (also known as the «tropic queen,» Danaus eresimus), are proudly featured. The monarch butterfly, in particular, stands as one of the most iconic and recognizable butterflies in the Americas.

Further enriching the allure of this collection is the inclusion of Chrysiridia rhipheus, the Madagascan sunset moth, a day-flying moth from the Uraniidae family. Revered for its impressive and visually captivating characteristics, this species is prominently featured in prestigious Lepidoptera coffee table books and remains highly sought after by collectors. The striking colors originate from optical interference within the iridescent wing parts, while the black segments are pigmented, creating a stunning contrast. Adults of this species exhibit a wingspan of 7–9 cm (2.8–3.5 inches), further enhancing the diversity and enchantment of this exceptional butterfly collection.

Elevate your interior design with the «Collection of Four Butterfly Frames from Around the World.» This captivating ensemble promises to not only infuse your space with unparalleled beauty but also spark conversations about the wonders of our natural world. Explore the kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that these butterflies bring into your home, celebrating the diversity and intricacy of life on Earth.

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Collection of Four Butterfly Frames from Around the World

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Collection of Four Butterfly Frames from Around the World

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