Lot MS10

Sculpture «Night Hunter»





40 x 20 х 17 cm


wenge wood | mammoth tusk

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Introducing «Night Hunter» — Mammoth Tusk Sculpture: A Majestic Ode to the Nocturnal Owl

Step into the realm of artistic brilliance with the «Night Hunter» Mammoth Tusk Sculpture, a masterpiece that captures the essence of a hawk-eyed owl gracefully soaring through the night. Crafted from the unique material of mammoth tusk, this sculpture brings the nocturnal hunter to life, showcasing its intricate flight maneuvers in stunning detail.

Key Features:

1. Unique Mammoth Tusk Material:

  • The sculpture is crafted from mammoth tusk, a material known for its unique beauty and rarity.
  • Mammoth tusk offers a warm and distinctive color palette, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

2. Night Owl in Flight:

  • The sculpture depicts a hawk-eyed owl in the midst of its nocturnal flight, silently cutting through the air.
  • The owl’s wings are expertly shaped, capturing the complexity and grace of its maneuvers.

3. Beige and Pale Blue Tones:

  • The color palette of beige and pale blue tones creates a harmonious and serene atmosphere.
  • The sculpture is balanced, with subtle shades that highlight the intricacies of the owl’s form.

4. Anatomical Precision:

  • Despite varying depths and a complex decorative composition, the anatomical shape of the owl’s body and wings is meticulously detailed.
  • The artist’s skill brings out the realism and beauty of the owl’s form.

5. Tip of the Wings:

  • The tip of the bird’s wings introduces a contrasting element, adding visual interest and depth to the sculpture.

6. Geometric Pedestal:

  • The sculpture is elegantly displayed on a pedestal crafted from solid wenge wood.
  • The geometric shape of the pedestal, resembling a dissected cube, enhances the overall aesthetic.

7. Night Hunter Theme:

  • Symbolizing the prowess of a night hunter, the sculpture pays homage to the owl’s keen senses and nocturnal prowess.

8. Artistic Mastery:

  • «Night Hunter» exemplifies artistic mastery, showcasing the artist’s ability to transform mammoth tusk into a captivating work of art.
  • A testament to the fusion of nature’s wonders and creative ingenuity.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the «Night Hunter» Mammoth Tusk Sculpture—a majestic ode to the nocturnal beauty and grace of the owl. Elevate your collection with this exceptional piece that seamlessly combines artistic brilliance with the timeless allure of mammoth tusk.

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Lot MS10

Sculpture «Night Hunter»

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Lot MS10

Sculpture «Night Hunter»

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