Lot MXT03

Sculpture «Transience of Time»





55 х 30 х 10 cm




wenge wood | mammoth tusk

available in Dubai

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Capture the Essence of Time: Sculpture «Transience of Time»

Immerse Yourself in the Allegory of Time’s Fleeting Nature:

Embark on a contemplative journey with the unique and profound sculpture titled «Transience of Time.» Crafted from mammoth tusk, this artwork skillfully captures the relentless passage of time and its impact on the world around us.

Key Features:

  1. Cheetah Symbolism:
    • The sculpture draws a compelling parallel between the swift passage of time and the relentless pursuit of a cheetah chasing its prey.
    • The cheetah’s rapid movement symbolizes the fleeting nature of joyful memories and the pursuit of unfulfilled or fulfilled desires.
  2. Allegory of Sacrifice:
    • The piece hints at the Allegory of Sacrifice, suggesting that time is precious and may be considered as something expended, possibly wasted.
    • It invites viewers to recognize and appreciate what they possess and find profound happiness in the present moment.
  3. Elongated, Dynamic Design:
    • The sculpture employs elongated, straight rectangular shapes extending in opposing directions, imparting a sense of motion and dynamism.
    • The design cleverly symbolizes the inexorable flow of time through a pattern of transparent and intricate lace.
  4. Trail of Time:
    • The artwork creates the illusion of smoke billowing behind the cheetah, representing the trail of time as swift as the cheetah’s speed.
    • This visual metaphor leaves behind a mirage in our memories, portraying the ephemeral nature of time.
  5. Merciless Nature of Time:
    • On the opposite side, the sculpture portrays the merciless nature of time, even toward seemingly eternal symbols like rocks, eroded by its relentless winds.
    • It encourages reflection on the transience of all things, including the seemingly permanent elements of our lives.
  6. Delicate Structure and Balance:
    • The delicate structure is delicately balanced on polished stones stacked one atop another, emphasizing the importance of maintaining equilibrium within oneself and with the world.
    • This aspect serves as a poignant reminder to find balance amid the dynamic and ever-changing nature of time.
  7. Encourages Contemplation:
    • «Transience of Time» not only captures the fleeting nature of time but also encourages contemplation on the delicate balance required in our lives.
    • The intricacies of the piece invite viewers to reflect on their own journey and relationship with time.
  8. Masterful Craftsmanship:
    • Crafted from mammoth tusk, the sculpture showcases masterful craftsmanship, blending intricate details with symbolic meaning.
    • Mammoth tusk’s unique warmth, texture, and radiance enhance the overall visual and tactile experience of the artwork.

Place «Transience of Time» in your space to embark on a reflective exploration of time’s essence—a timeless sculpture that invites contemplation and appreciation for the present moment.

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Lot MXT03

Sculpture «Transience of Time»

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Lot MXT03

Sculpture «Transience of Time»

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