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Sculpture «The world of dreams»





24 х24 х24 cm


wenge wood | mammoth tusk

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Introducing «The World of Dreams» — Mammoth Tusk Sculpture: A Surreal Allegory in Bone

Embark on a journey into the realms of fantasy with «The World of Dreams,» a captivating mammoth tusk sculpture that unfolds an enchanting narrative. Crafted with precision and artistry, this unique creation immerses viewers in a dreamlike scene where castles rise from the depths, and a boat navigates the ethereal waters.

Key Features:

1. Unusual Fantasy Composition:

  • The sculpture features an imaginative composition, depicting towers of a castle emerging from the sea or resembling sheets of seaweed.
  • The fantasy element adds a surreal and dreamlike quality to the artwork.

2. Mammoth Bone Material:

  • Crafted from mammoth bone, the sculpture showcases the unique beauty and texture of this rare material.
  • Mammoth bone, easily processed and polished, offers a warm color and a one-of-a-kind shine.

3. Floating Boat with Nude Woman:

  • A boat, intricately carved from mammoth bone, gracefully floats above the castle or seaweed towers.
  • The boat carries a captivating figure of a reclining nude woman, adding an element of elegance and mystery.

4. Oar-Like Extensions:

  • Curved extensions on the sides of the boat serve as artistic representations of oars, enhancing the maritime theme.
  • These details contribute to the overall harmony of the sculpture.

5. Allegorical Narrative:

  • The sculpture presents a magical allegory, offering a glimpse into the artist’s sea memories and dream-inspired vision.
  • Viewers are invited to interpret and connect with the symbolic elements woven into the narrative.

6. Dreamlike Atmosphere:

  • «The World of Dreams» creates a dreamlike atmosphere, inviting viewers to explore the depths of imagination and subconscious realms.
  • The composition evokes a sense of mystery, wonder, and tranquility.

7. Sea-Infused Inspiration:

  • The artist draws inspiration from the sea, infusing the sculpture with maritime elements that enhance its poetic quality.
  • The artwork becomes a visual poem, narrating a story through symbolic imagery.

8. Artistic Expression:

  • This mammoth tusk sculpture exemplifies artistic expression, showcasing the artist’s ability to transform bone into a captivating storytelling medium.
  • «The World of Dreams» stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic creativity and the inherent beauty of mammoth bone.

Elevate your collection with «The World of Dreams»—a surreal and poetic masterpiece that invites you to explore the enchanting landscapes of imagination and fantasy.

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Lot MS9

Sculpture «The world of dreams»

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Lot MS9

Sculpture «The world of dreams»

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