Lot C6

Agrias x Prepona Butterfly hybrid in a glass cloche



South America


12 cm high


butterfly | wood base | glass

Available for requests 1-2 weeks delivery to Dubai

200 $


Lot Essay

Elevate Your Interior with Timeless Elegance: Agrias x Prepona Butterfly Hybrid in a 12 cm High Glass Cloche Miniature Masterpiece.

Introduce an exquisite touch of natural elegance to your interior with our Agrias x Prepona Butterfly hybrid, delicately showcased within a captivating 12 cm high glass cloche. This miniature masterpiece is designed to infuse your living space with a unique blend of art and nature, making it the perfect addition for interior design enthusiasts.

The Agrias genus, renowned for its stunning and generously sized butterflies, takes center stage in this exceptional display, imparting a captivating tropical allure to your surroundings.

This particular butterfly, a magnificent Peruvian specimen, boasts an impressive wingspan ranging from 70 to 120 mm. Its wings are a true marvel of nature, featuring a captivating combination of scarlet and ultramarine hues adorned with opulent black velvet accents. This exquisite composition creates a visually striking and entirely unique work of art, sure to become a cherished focal point in any room.

Yet, this piece is more than just a decorative element; it’s a symbol of profound significance. Butterflies have long symbolized the soul, immortality, rebirth, and resurrection. They embody the remarkable journey from a humble caterpillar to a celestial being, representing the transformative power of rebirth and the enduring beauty of metamorphosis.

By welcoming the enchanting symbolism and natural beauty of the Agrias x Prepona Butterfly into your living space through this thoughtfully curated display, you are not only enhancing your interior decor but also inviting a touch of delicate elegance and timeless symbolism.

Elevate your living space to new heights of sophistication with this Agrias x Prepona Butterfly hybrid, a miniature masterpiece encased in a glass cloche, poised to captivate and inspire all who behold it. This is more than just an object; it’s a testament to the harmonious blend of artistry and nature that can transform any interior into a realm of beauty and wonder.

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Lot C6

Agrias x Prepona Butterfly hybrid in a glass cloche

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Lot C6

Agrias x Prepona Butterfly hybrid in a glass cloche

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