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Framed Chrysina Resplendens: The Golden Scarab Beetle



South America

Size of beetles:

25 - 29 mm


Chrysina resplendens

Frame size:

12 x 12 cm

available in Dubai

400 $


Lot Essay

«Elevate Your Interior with a Framed Chrysina Resplendens: The Golden Scarab Beetle»

Unlock the splendor of nature’s artistry with our exquisite framed display featuring the Chrysina resplendens, a dazzling golden scarab beetle. Measuring 12 x 12 cm, this framed masterpiece is a testament to the unique beauty found in the heart of mid-elevation forests in Costa Rica and western Panama.

The Chrysina resplendens is a marvel of nature, boasting a shiny golden exterior that shimmers with opulence. Its petite length of 25–29 mm belies the grandeur of its appearance. These golden beetles owe their extraordinary hue to the presence of special nanostructures within their elytra, enabling them to reflect light in every direction. The result is a radiant and otherworldly appearance that often leaves observers in awe, akin to the craftsmanship of skilled jewelers.

Today, these resplendent beetles have earned their place as intriguing collectibles among enthusiasts and collectors. They offer a captivating exploration of the remarkable coloration found in large-sized insects, challenging our perception of what nature can create.

Bring the wonder of the Chrysina resplendens into your interior with this framed masterpiece. It’s more than just an exhibit; it’s a testament to the intricate and awe-inspiring beauty that exists within the natural world. Let this golden scarab beetle be a focal point in your home, captivating both collectors and admirers, as it reflects the brilliance of nature’s artistry.

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Lot GB1

Framed Chrysina Resplendens: The Golden Scarab Beetle

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Lot GB1

Framed Chrysina Resplendens: The Golden Scarab Beetle

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