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Hedgehog Skeletons Encased in a Glass Cloche





27 cm high




wood base | glass

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«Elevate Your Interior with a Unique Display: Hedgehog Skeletons Encased in a Glass Cloche»

Explore the intricate world of small mammals with our captivating exhibit, showcasing the skeletons of hedgehogs elegantly preserved within a glass cloche. Hedgehogs, known for their diminutive size, typically measure between 20 to 30 cm in body length, with tails spanning about 3 cm, and an average body weight of 700-800 g.

These charming creatures boast elongated muzzles and, notably, their quills are hollow, filled only with air. Hedgehogs possess a unique ability to clean and straighten their quills with their dexterous toes. Remarkably, hedgehogs undergo a slow and gradual process of molting, with each needle taking from one to one and a half years to regrow. On average, hedgehogs replace approximately one-third of their quills each year.

Our exhibit, featuring the meticulously preserved skeleton and skin of a hedgehog from our gallery’s collection, is a testament to the skill and artistry of talented taxidermists. Beyond its scientific value, the hedgehog carries symbolic significance as a creature symbolizing security, openness, friendliness, and joy.

By adorning your interior with this unique display of hedgehog skeletons encased in a glass cloche, you not only appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom but also invite a sense of joy and prosperity into your home. This remarkable piece serves as a conversation starter, celebrating the beauty of nature and the symbolic qualities that hedgehogs represent.

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Lot C1

Hedgehog Skeletons Encased in a Glass Cloche

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Lot C1

Hedgehog Skeletons Encased in a Glass Cloche

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