Lot C2

Kerivoula picta bat in a glass cloche





22 cm high




wood base | glass

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«Elevate Your Interior with a Kerivoula Picta Bat: A Captivating Natural Wonder Encased in a Glass Cloche»

Delve into the world of flying mammals with our extraordinary presentation of the Kerivoula picta bat, lovingly preserved within a glass cloche. The Kerivoula picta, also known as the painted woolly bat, is a mesmerizing species belonging to the Vespertilionidae family of vesper bats.

This enchanting creature is often referred to as the «butterfly bat,» «colored bat,» or «orange-brown bat» in Bengali. True to its name, the «butterfly bat» is primarily nocturnal, awakening at twilight to explore its surroundings. It boasts a vibrant coat of bright orange or scarlet, adorned with striking black wings and hints of orange along its fingers. This natural camouflage allows it to seamlessly blend into its environment, especially amidst similarly colored flowers.

Our collection features an exquisite specimen of this bat species, meticulously preserved by professional taxidermists who have captured the intricate anatomical details of this remarkable creature. Beyond its scientific significance, bats hold deep cultural symbolism in various societies. In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, bats are revered as symbols of goodness, good luck, prosperity, and a happy life.

By adorning your interior with this unique Kerivoula picta bat encased in a glass cloche, you not only celebrate the wonders of the natural world but also invite joy and prosperity into your home. This captivating piece is a testament to the delicate balance between art and nature, transforming your living space into a sanctuary of fascination and cultural significance.

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Lot C2

Kerivoula picta bat in a glass cloche

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Lot C2

Kerivoula picta bat in a glass cloche

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