Lot C3

Marine composition in glass cloche



Mediterranean Sea


27 cm high


wood base | glass

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«Elevate Your Interior with a Marine Masterpiece Encased in a Glass Cloche»

Step into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves with our exquisite marine composition, meticulously preserved under a transparent dome. This captivating piece brings together two remarkable denizens of the sea: Arbacia lixula, a striking black sea urchin, and Haliotis ovina, a captivating species of sea snail. Crafted by skilled artisans, this composition showcases a harmonious blend of contrasting and multi-colored sea urchin shells, elegantly balanced with the pearly-white shells of Haliotis ovina.

Arbacia lixula, commonly known as the black sea urchin, is a species native to Europe. This medium-sized sea urchin boasts a deep black hue and a beautifully hemispherical shape, with uniformly sized spikes covering its surface. It can be found along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea and the Macaronesian Islands, where it adds a touch of intrigue to the underwater landscapes.

Haliotis ovina, also known as the sheep ear, belongs to the Haliotidae family of marine gastropod mollusks, commonly referred to as abalone. These sea snails are celebrated for their delicate and iridescent mother-of-pearl shells, which glisten with a captivating luster.

Our marine composition not only captures the essence of the deep sea but also adds a touch of coastal elegance to your interior. It serves as a reminder of the enchanting beauty hidden beneath the ocean’s surface, a conversation starter that invites you to explore the intricate world of marine life. Bring the wonders of the sea into your living space and let this marine masterpiece encased in a glass cloche become a focal point of admiration and fascination.

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Lot C3

Marine composition in glass cloche

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Lot C3

Marine composition in glass cloche

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