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Peru’s Blue Morpho Butterflies



South America


50x25 cm

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Experience the Enchantment of Peru’s Blue Morpho Butterflies.

Introducing a mesmerizing composition that captures the essence of Peru’s exquisite biodiversity — «Morpho godarti tingomariensis, Morpho godarti julanthiscus, Morpho godarti assarpai.» This exceptional collection features three remarkable Blue Morpho Butterflies, renowned for their breathtakingly vivid, iridescent blue wings, which are a marvel of nature’s design.

The enchanting blue coloring adorning these butterflies is a result of the microscopic scales that cover the upper surfaces of their wings, meticulously reflecting light in a dazzling display of iridescence. However, there’s more to these winged wonders than meets the eye. When their wings are closed, the underside reveals a humble and unassuming dull brown hue, adorned with numerous eyespots that play a vital role in providing effective camouflage against potential predators such as birds and insects.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly, as its common name suggests, boasts bright blue wings adorned with distinctive black edges. These extraordinary butterflies are among the largest in the world, with wingspans spanning an impressive five to eight inches. When they take flight, their contrasting bright blue and subdued brown colors create a mesmerizing visual effect, akin to a magical appearance and disappearance act. Notably, the males of this species exhibit broader wings than their female counterparts, further enhancing the breathtaking spectacle of their appearance.

In addition to their captivating appearance, Blue Morphos, like their butterfly kin, possess two clubbed antennae, two fore wings and two hind wings, six legs, and three body segments—the head, thorax, and abdomen. This composition invites you to delve into the fascinating world of these enchanting creatures, appreciating their intricate beauty and the marvels of natural adaptation.

«Elevate your interior with this exceptional collection that not only celebrates the iridescent allure of the Blue Morpho Butterflies but also pays homage to the rich biodiversity of Peru. Each specimen within this composition is a testament to the wonders of nature, inviting you to experience the magic of these winged marvels in your living space. Explore the enchantment of Peru’s Blue Morpho Butterflies and transform your interior into a sanctuary of natural beauty and wonder.»


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Lot DB5

Peru’s Blue Morpho Butterflies

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Lot DB5

Peru’s Blue Morpho Butterflies

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