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Tropical Butterfly Symphony



South America


25x25 cm

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Elevate Your Interior with «Tropical Butterfly Symphony»

Step into a world of mesmerizing beauty with our exceptional composition, «Tropical Butterfly Symphony,» presented in a high-quality box featuring four real butterflies of superlative quality. This kaleidoscopic masterpiece showcases the exquisite diversity of nature, with three distinct butterfly species gracing this vibrant ensemble.

First in this captivating quartet are the Papilio palinurus, commonly known as the emerald swallowtail, emerald peacock, or green-banded peacock. Originating from Southeast Asia, these butterflies adorn your space with their astonishing dark and light green hues, creating a velvety texture that enchants the eye. These emerald gems bring the lush tropics into your home, infusing your interior with a sense of wonder and natural splendor.

The Polyura athamas, or the common nawab, are a species of fast-flying canopy butterflies found in tropical Asia. Belonging to the Charaxinae family within the Nymphalidae family, these butterflies captivate with their rich shades of brown, resembling the intricate patterns of tree bark. Their delicate and light beige center elegantly contrasts with the earthy hues that frame their wings. These butterflies bring the warm, earthy tones of the tropical forest canopy into your living space, creating a harmonious connection to nature.

Completing this enchanting ensemble is the Polyura narcaeus, affectionately known as the China nawab. This distinguished butterfly, described by William Chapman Hewitson in 1854, graces the center of the composition. With a distribution spanning the Palearctic and Indomalayan realms, it adds an element of worldly charm to the collection. The light beige wings of this butterfly are adorned with delicate, thin brown lines, creating an intricate and refined aesthetic that captures the essence of understated elegance.

«Tropical Butterfly Symphony» invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of butterflies, each species contributing its unique charm and allure to your interior design. This exceptional collection not only celebrates the intricate beauty of these winged wonders but also serves as a testament to the rich biodiversity of tropical regions. Immerse yourself in the enchanting colors, patterns, and textures that these butterflies bring into your home, transforming your living space into a tropical paradise.


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Lot DB6

Tropical Butterfly Symphony

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Lot DB6

Tropical Butterfly Symphony

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