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Tropical fruits and seeds in glass cloche



South America


27 cm high


wood base | tropical fruits and seeds | glass

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«South American Treasures Encased: A Botanical Masterpiece»

Unveil the enchantment of South America, specifically Brazil and the Amazon, within the confines of our exquisite glass cloche titled «Tropical Fruits and Seeds.» This captivating composition artfully showcases the bountiful fruits and vibrant flowers of the region, thoughtfully arranged under the protective dome of glass. Each element is thoughtfully placed not only for aesthetic appeal but also to convey a deeper symbolic message, one that resonates with the profound concept of the «tree of life.»

At the heart of this composition lies the majestic Moriche palm fruit (Mauritia flexuosa), known in Brazil as the «Buriti palm» and revered as the «Tree of Life.» The Moriche palm holds deep cultural significance, representing the afterlife and forging connections between the earthly realm and the heavens. Its inclusion as a central element in this composition infuses it with a sense of timeless symbolism and spiritual depth.

Beyond its symbolic importance, this stylish and meticulously crafted piece serves as a stunning accent to adorn your interior. Whether displayed in your home or office, this botanical masterpiece not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also invites contemplation and reflection. It is a testament to the rich tapestry of life found in the Amazon and the intricate relationship between nature, spirituality, and design.

Elevate your interior with the «Tropical Fruits and Seeds» glass cloche, a fusion of artistry, symbolism, and the vibrant essence of South America. Allow it to become a focal point that sparks conversations, captures imaginations, and celebrates the enduring connection between humanity and the natural world.

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Lot DP2

Tropical fruits and seeds in glass cloche

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Lot DP2

Tropical fruits and seeds in glass cloche

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