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Solar Amber Amulet





11 x 5 cm


3000-1000 B.C.







Available in Dubai

3.000 $


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Explore the allure of Amber – the golden essence of the north and the tears of the gods. Since the Upper Palaeolithic period, humans have been captivated by the timeless beauty of this fossil resin.

Across ages, the appreciation for beautiful, gleaming treasures has remained a constant in the human experience. While our modern era boasts an array of precious materials like gold, silver, and gemstones, ancient civilizations, dating back to the Stone Age, recognized the enchanting allure of materials that could be fashioned into exquisite ornaments. Amber, with its polished, transparent, and golden appearance, emerged as one such captivating material.

Derived from the petrified resin of Pinus succinifera, meaning «resin-bearing pine,» amber holds a fascinating history. The pine species that produced this amber flourished some 35–55 million years ago. Today, this precious gem is found in specific types of soil, notably in the blue soil of the southeastern Baltic Sea, in Lithuania and Prussia, and along the sandy shores of the North Sea coast in Denmark.

Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of our Solar Amulet, crafted in a long rhombus shape with a hollow center for a rope. Adorned with solar motifs, the amulet showcases intricate engravings that depict the sun’s rays dancing upon the stone. This piece not only encapsulates the rich history of amber but also serves as a radiant symbol of timeless elegance. Elevate your style and connect with the ancient allure of amber with this exquisite solar amulet.


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Lot JPA1

Solar Amber Amulet

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Lot JPA1

Solar Amber Amulet

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