Lot APC1

Ammonite Placenticeras Costatum



Alberta, Canada




Diameter 35.5 cm


72-84 million years



Sample Weight:

3.7 kg

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Exquisite Rarity for Interior and Collection: Placenticeras Costatum Ammonite

Step into the mesmerizing world of the Placenticeras costatum ammonite—an extraordinary specimen that captivates the beholder with its stunning visual symphony. Its shiny surface dances with an array of rainbow colors, where red seamlessly transitions into green, yellow transforms into ultramarine, and blue intermingles with purple, creating a composition of unparalleled beauty. Change the angle of illumination, and witness the magical transformation as colors gracefully flow into one another.

This ammonite, belonging to the Placenticeras costatum species, boasts a mother-of-pearl layer preserved by calcium compounds and salts of various metals. Over time, this layer has metamorphosed into a precious gemstone known as ammolite. The shells discovered in the Canadian province of Alberta stand as the standard bearers of ammonite excellence. In ancient times, where towering pine and spruce trees now stand, the sea waves once crashed on the coast, hosting a vibrant ecosystem of mosasaurs and numerous ammonites swaying in warm currents.

The precious status of ammolite is not a mere metaphor—it has been recognized as a gemstone since 1981 and is widely incorporated into jewelry production. Even small fragments command high value, while complete shells, like the ones in our collection, remain a cherished dream for many collectors.

Key Features:

  1. Dazzling Color Palette: The ammonite’s surface is a canvas of ever-changing hues, showcasing the breathtaking spectrum of colors inherent in ammolite. Each angle reveals a new facet of its radiant beauty.
  2. Ancient Coastal Symphony: Transport yourself to a time when sea waves crashed along the coast, and marine life flourished. The Placenticeras costatum ammonite bears witness to the dynamic history of Earth’s oceans.
  3. Gemstone Legacy: Recognized as a gemstone, ammolite is a testament to the enduring allure of natural treasures. Possessing a complete shell adds a layer of exclusivity and rarity to any collection.

Embrace Rarity: Whether adorning your interior or enriching your collection, the Placenticeras costatum ammonite is a testament to the timeless beauty of Earth’s ancient oceans. Own a piece of this geological masterpiece and let its vibrant colors and historical significance elevate your space to new heights.


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Lot APC1

Ammonite Placenticeras Costatum

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Lot APC1

Ammonite Placenticeras Costatum

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