Lot DF1

Bothriospondylus Phalanx



Madagascar , Ambohipihaonana


22 cm


163-174 million years







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Elevate Your Collection: Exclusive Bothriospondylus Sauropod Claw from Madagascar

Behold the rare and enigmatic claw from Bothriospondylus, a lesser-known sauropod that once roamed the ancient landscapes of Madagascar. Bothriospondylus, meaning «excavated vertebra,» belongs to the sauropod clade of saurischian dinosaurs, characterized by their distinctive long necks, tails, small heads, and robust legs. This remarkable claw, a testament to the Late Jurassic era, comes from the only known species, B. suffosus.

Despite its 1875 classification by Richard Owen, Bothriospondylus remains shrouded in mystery, with little information available about these sauropods. For 150 years, fragmentary remains from Africa and Argentina were associated with this genus, leading to debates among paleontologists about its classification. Yet, the existence of Bothriospondylus madagascariensis is undeniable.

The claw itself is a captivating specimen, measuring an impressive 20 cm and located on one of the hind legs, a distinctive feature as sauropods lacked similar claws on their front legs. The smooth base transitions into a bumpy and rough texture toward the end, revealing the unique characteristics of this ancient relic. Along the left side, a deep groove holds evidence of blood vessels, adding to the claw’s authenticity. Notably, the phalanx of the finger has been preserved alongside the claw—a rare occurrence in fossil finds.

During the dinosaur’s lifetime, the claw was covered with a horny sheath, adding to the intrigue of this exceptional artifact. This exclusive Bothriospondylus Sauropod Claw offers not just a piece of prehistoric history but an opportunity to connect with a time when colossal creatures roamed the Earth.

Key Features:

  • Rare and Little-Known: Bothriospondylus remains a mysterious sauropod, adding rarity and intrigue to this extraordinary claw.
  • Authenticity: The claw’s unique features, including the groove and preserved phalanx, contribute to its unparalleled authenticity.
  • Madagascar Connection: Transport yourself to the ancient landscapes of Madagascar, where Bothriospondylus once treaded, with this exclusive relic.

Add a touch of prehistoric majesty to your collection and interior with the Bothriospondylus Sauropod Claw. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a passionate admirer of natural wonders, this exceptional piece invites you to explore the wonders of Earth’s ancient past. Secure your exclusive relic and let the Bothriospondylus Sauropod Claw become a cherished centerpiece, captivating all who encounter its mesmerizing tale.


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Lot DF1

Bothriospondylus Phalanx

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Lot DF1

Bothriospondylus Phalanx

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