Claw Alxasaurus Sp. Dinosaur



Kyzylkum, Uzbekistan




8,9 x 6 x 2 cm


90-92 million years




71.05 g

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Unlock the Mysteries of the Past: Alxasaurus Dinosaur Claw

Delve into the ancient realms of the Early Cretaceous with our exclusive Alxasaurus Dinosaur Claw—a magnificent specimen from the Bayin-Gobi Formation in Inner Mongolia. This colossal claw offers a glimpse into the unique world of therizinosaur dinosaurs, showcasing their distinctive features and evolutionary wonders.

Key Features:

  1. Therizinosaur Marvel: The Alxasaurus belongs to the intriguing group of therizinosaurs, known for their peculiar appearance—massive bodies, short tails, long necks, small heads, and colossal front paws adorned with formidable claws. While the large therizinosaurs boasted meter-long claws, the Alxasaurus exhibited a more modest yet fascinating version.
  2. Massive, Bent Claw: The dinosaur claw on offer is a massive and weighty specimen with a robust bend, showcasing the power and strength of the Alxasaurus. The smooth, rounded articulation point with the phalanx of fingers and the groove at the claw’s end, once traversed by blood vessels, tell the story of this ancient creature.
  3. Horn Cover: During the dinosaur’s lifetime, the claw was adorned with a protective horn cover, similar to those found in birds. The size of the claw was slightly larger, contributing to the formidable appearance of the Alxasaurus.
  4. Unique Therizinosaur Characteristics: Despite not possessing the enormous claws of its larger counterparts, the Alxasaurus, with a body length of around four meters, stood out with its peculiar combination of features, making it a distinctive representative of therizinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous period.

A Window to the Past: Whether you’re a seasoned collector or an enthusiast of prehistoric wonders, the Alxasaurus Dinosaur Claw is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Earth’s ancient history. Bring the mysteries of the Early Cretaceous into your interior or collection, and let this remarkable specimen spark curiosity and conversation. Uncover the secrets of therizinosaurs and marvel at the unique adaptations that once defined the Alxasaurus. Secure your connection to the past with this exclusive piece of natural history.

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Claw Alxasaurus Sp. Dinosaur

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Claw Alxasaurus Sp. Dinosaur

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