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Megalodon teeth





2.6-23 million years.


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The megalodon tooth is one of the most impressive examples of fossilised remains of ancient animals. Its grand size makes you wonder what the owner of these teeth most likely looked like. Megalodon belongs to the class of the largest marine predators. According to modern estimates, it grew up to 15 metres and weighed about 30-40 tons.

Most megalodon teeth are mined in North America, and finds from other countries are rare.

Our example of megalodon teeth are valued for their excellent museum-level condition and a unique colour scheme. This tooth has, notably, received the status of a museum-quality sample for a reason. The staggering size already attracts attention 14,5 cm.

The condition is perfect. The tooth surface does not have any signs of damage. The tooth has a beautiful tint from black to dark gray. The base of the tooth is black in color. The cutting edge of the tooth is perfectly preserved.

The sawtooth edge does not have any defects. What further makes this exhibit one-of-a-kind is the colouring, which gives the tooth an aesthetic appeal.

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Lot MT-1

Megalodon teeth

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Lot MT-1

Megalodon teeth

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