Lot MT13

Megalodon tooth 11.7 museum quality



North Carolina, USA




11.7 cm


2.6-23 million years



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188 g

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Megalodon Majesty: Exclusive Fossil Tooth for Discerning Collectors

Step into the awe-inspiring realm of the megalodon, the colossal mackerel shark that once ruled the ancient seas. Our exclusive collection presents a rare and imposing megalodon tooth, a symbol of prehistoric power and the apex predator of its time.

Key Features:

  1. Titan of the Ancient Seas: The megalodon, aptly named «big tooth,» reigned supreme as one of the largest predators in Earth’s history. With lengths reaching 15-16 meters and a staggering weight exceeding 35 tons, this giant shark struck fear into the hearts of any prey that crossed its path.
  2. Fossilized Legacy: Megalodons had cartilaginous skeletons, leaving their teeth as the primary archaeological remnants. Our meticulously preserved megalodon tooth, displayed on an elegant metal stand, captures the essence of this ancient giant and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.
  3. Stylish Interior Accent: The megalodon tooth, presented on a minimalist metal stand, transcends its fossilized origins to become a stylish and highly valued element of interior decor. Its presence exudes a sense of intrigue and reverence for the wonders of Earth’s distant past.
  4. Ideal Gift: Whether for business partners or individuals who appreciate rare and unique finds, the megalodon tooth is an ideal gift. Its symbolic representation of power, rarity, and ancient history makes it a distinctive and memorable present.

Own a Piece of Prehistoric Power: Indulge your passion for unique collectibles with this megalodon tooth—a testament to the might and majesty of a creature that once roamed the vast expanse of the ancient seas. Elevate your interior with a touch of prehistoric allure, and let this exclusive fossilized artifact spark conversations and admiration.

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Lot MT13

Megalodon tooth 11.7 museum quality

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Lot MT13

Megalodon tooth 11.7 museum quality

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