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Sea lily Crinoidea



Holzmaden, Germany




70 x 49,5 x 2,5 cm


180 million years



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Embrace the Allure of the Ancient Seas: Seirocrinus Subangularis — A Rare Gem for Interior Elegance and Discerning Collectors

Introduce the exquisite Seirocrinus subangularis into your collection, a captivating specimen belonging to the class of sea lilies—a truly mesmerizing denizen of the ocean depths. While the scientific classification places it among echinoderms, the sheer beauty of this creature transcends mere categorization.

These sea lilies displayed a unique choice for their habitat, selecting fragments of trees carried by currents away from the islands’ shores. Adorned with delicate fringed tentacle arms that unfolded like blossoming flowers, the sea lilies attached their slender stems to these drifting tree fragments. In this dance between the sky and the sea depths, they gracefully floated, capturing particles of plankton.

Today, the fossilized remnants of Seirocrinus subangularis stand as sublime works of art, crafted by nature itself. Each piece encapsulates the timeless elegance of these ancient marine inhabitants, inviting you to connect with the mysteries of the seas that once teemed with life.

Key Features:

  • Astonishing Beauty: Sea lilies like Seirocrinus subangularis defy simple classification, showcasing a breathtaking beauty that echoes their ancient existence.
  • Natural Habitat: The choice of tree fragments as their habitat adds a unique touch to the sea lilies’ story, reflecting the interconnectedness of life in the ocean.
  • Floating Elegance: Imagine the delicate sea lilies suspended between the sky and the ocean depths, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

Enrich your living space with the Seirocrinus subangularis, an exclusive rarity that serves as a testament to the artistry of nature. Whether you are an avid collector or an admirer of unique treasures, this extraordinary piece invites you to embrace the wonders of Earth’s ancient oceans. Secure your slice of marine history and let the Seirocrinus subangularis become a focal point, inviting all who encounter it to marvel at the timeless beauty of the seas of yesteryear.

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Lot SIC1

Sea lily Crinoidea

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Lot SIC1

Sea lily Crinoidea

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