The skull of a Saber-Toothed Cat Machairodus Sp.



Gansu Province, China




39 x 23 x 14 сm


5,3-11,6 million years





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Unleash the Majesty of the Prehistoric: Sabre-Toothed Mahayrod Skull — A Fearsome Elegance for Interior Design

Behold the ominous grin of the Mahayrod, a saber-toothed marvel from the feline family, immortalized in its skull. Renowned for its formidable appearance, the enormous fangs are the unmistakable signature of all saber-toothed cats, often referred to as sabre-toothed tigers. The Mahayrod, a grand predator, stood at an impressive 1–1.2 meters at the withers and weighed a staggering 240 kg or more.

This awe-inspiring creature is believed to have been an ambush hunter, specializing in attacking large prey such as deer, bulls, young elephants, and rhinos. Its fearsome fangs, a serious weapon in its arsenal, boast powerful roots reaching almost to the eye sockets. The outer edge of the canines exhibits a serrated edge, reminiscent of the teeth of sharks or the mighty tyrannosaurus rex. The jaw joint, enabling a jaw opening of nearly 100°, allowed for top-to-bottom strikes, leveraging the strength of neck muscles. The wounds inflicted by Mahayrods on the throat or stomach of their victims were terrifying, ensuring a swift demise.

This remarkable skull, discovered in China, is exceptionally preserved and boasts an impressive size, measuring an astounding 39 cm in length. Noteworthy is the minimal restoration, limited to no more than 20 percent, ensuring the authenticity of this formidable artifact. Mounted on a stand, this skull transcends its historical origins to become a captivating interior item, injecting a touch of primal elegance and raw power into your home.

Acquire a piece of prehistoric majesty and infuse your living space with the fierce allure of the Mahayrod. This extraordinary skull promises to be a striking centerpiece, adding a unique blend of brutality and elegance to your interior design.

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The skull of a Saber-Toothed Cat Machairodus Sp.

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The skull of a Saber-Toothed Cat Machairodus Sp.

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