Lot MOS-SK-1

The skull of the Mosasaur Prognathodon Sp.



Hurigba Province, Morocco




127 cm x 60 cm x 57 cm


66-72 million years




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Lot Essay

Unlock the mysteries of the ancient seas with our extraordinary offering—an authentic, very rare Prognathodon skull, a marine lizard from the illustrious mosasaur family. Immerse yourself in the world of prehistoric wonders with this unique product, a true rarity for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The name Prognathodon, derived from Latin and Greek, translates to «forejaw tooth,» a fitting designation for a creature known for its robust skull and powerful jaw musculature. As part of the Mosasaurinae subfamily, alongside revered genera like Mosasaurus and Clidastes, Prognathodon holds a special place in the annals of marine reptilian history.

The skull exhibits remarkable adaptations, showcasing the evolutionary prowess of this magnificent marine lizard. Its strength lies not only in its size but in the intricacies of its dentary structure—a short and tall profile indicating a formidable bite force. This exceptional piece is a testament to the relentless power of nature during the Mesozoic era.

Acquiring this rare Prognathodon skull for your collection elevates it to new heights. Beyond being a unique object of fascination, it transforms into a captivating centerpiece for your interior, providing a tangible link to the ancient world. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of Earth’s history, and let the grandeur of the prehistoric seas unfold in your living space.

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Lot MOS-SK-1

The skull of the Mosasaur Prognathodon Sp.

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Lot MOS-SK-1

The skull of the Mosasaur Prognathodon Sp.

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