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The skull of Woolly rhinoceros



Yakutia, Russia




130 x 82 x 35 сm


50-150 thousand years



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Unveiling a Timeless Marvel: The Woolly Rhinoceros — An Exclusive Rarity for Interior Elegance and Discerning Collections

Step into the awe-inspiring world of the late Pleistocene with our extraordinary Woolly Rhinoceros, a captivating representative of the mammoth fauna that once roamed the northern landscapes. These magnificent creatures thrived during an era when glaciers reached as far as the Moscow region in Russia, creating a unique tundra steppe belt teeming with saigas, musk oxen, cave lions, and mammoths.

With a weight of up to 3.5 tons and a body length exceeding four meters, the Woolly Rhinoceros was a formidable force in this ancient ecosystem, virtually fearless due to its size and strength. Found from Spain to Chukotka, these rhinos were resilient inhabitants of their environments. Adorned with warm fur to combat winter frosts and equipped with a massive flat horn, reaching up to one meter, they were well-suited for survival in challenging conditions.

Our collection proudly presents a rhino skull with meticulously reconstructed horns, a testament to the rare and exceptional nature of these artifacts. The woolly rhinoceros occasionally fell victim to swampy pits created by thawing permafrost, leading to astonishingly well-preserved fossils. These discoveries not only contribute to our understanding of prehistoric life but also influenced the mythology of Siberian indigenous peoples, with the Yukaghirs envisioning the creature’s horned head as belonging to a colossal bird.

Skulls of the woolly rhinoceros are a rarity, making them highly sought-after by collectors. The impressive size and appearance of these skulls elevate them to coveted items, adding a touch of ancient elegance to any collection. The reconstructed horns, both front and back, capture the essence of this prehistoric giant, each detail meticulously crafted to reflect its grandeur.

As a unique and exclusive rarity, the Woolly Rhinoceros skull is not merely an object of interior adornment but a tangible piece of Earth’s ancient history. Possessing one of these magnificent specimens allows you to connect with a bygone era and make a profound statement about your appreciation for the extraordinary. Acquire this extraordinary piece to grace your space with the timeless allure of the Pleistocene, where each skull tells a story of resilience, survival, and the indomitable spirit of the Woolly Rhinoceros.

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Lot SKW1

The skull of Woolly rhinoceros

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Lot SKW1

The skull of Woolly rhinoceros

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