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Dronino meteorite 263 gr



Ryazan region, Russia


16,5x13x0,3 cm

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263 g





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Celestial Elegance: Dronino Meteorite Fragment

Introducing a rare and exclusive piece of the cosmos — a fragment of the Dronino meteorite, discovered in the Ryazan region in 2000. This meteorite fragment is not just a scientific marvel but a captivating work of art, perfectly suited for interior enhancement and esteemed collections.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Discovery: Unearthed in the Ryazan region, the Dronino meteorite is a celestial rarity that carries with it the mysteries of the cosmos. Its discovery in 2000 marked an extraordinary moment in our exploration of the universe.
  2. Exquisite Polished Finish: The cut area of the meteorite is meticulously polished to a mirror finish, creating a stark contrast with the untreated surface. This finishing touch enhances the aesthetic appeal of the fragment, turning it into a visual masterpiece.
  3. Complex Relief and Deep Grooves: The untreated surface reveals a relief of magnificent complexity, with deep grooves intersecting the sample in a longitudinal direction. These features are distinctive to the Droninsky meteorite, showcasing the dynamic forces at play during its celestial journey.
  4. Color Palette: The meteorite’s color palette is a mesmerizing silver-gray with golden reflections, adding an element of celestial beauty to its appearance. The interplay of colors and textures makes this meteorite fragment truly exceptional.

A Piece of the Cosmos: Owning a fragment of the Dronino meteorite is not just a possession; it’s a connection to the vastness of the universe. Display this celestial marvel in your interior to infuse it with cosmic elegance. As a collector’s item, the Dronino meteorite fragment stands as a testament to the wonders of space and time.

Elevate Your Collection: Acquire this exclusive rarity to elevate your collection, spark conversations, and marvel at the intricate details of a celestial visitor from the depths of the cosmos.

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Lot M1

Dronino meteorite 263 gr

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Lot M1

Dronino meteorite 263 gr

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