Lot ME-1

METEORITE SEYMCHAN 262 GR, Meteorite C-806



Magadan region, Russia


18.5 x 10.5 x 0.2 cm


262 g





Detection year:


Available in Dubai

4.000 $


Lot Essay

Cosmic Splendor: Seymchan Meteorite Plate

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with the Seymchan meteorite, an exquisite rarity from the depths of space. This polished plate, belonging to the esteemed class of pallasites, is not just an artifact – it’s a celestial masterpiece that seamlessly combines scientific wonder with aesthetic allure. Elevate your interior and collection with the cosmic splendor of Seymchan.

Key Features:

  1. Pallasitic Marvel: Seymchan belongs to the rare family of pallasites, characterized by a unique fusion of an iron matrix and resplendent golden olivine crystals. This meteorite plate encapsulates the celestial beauty born from this intricate marriage of elements.
  2. Widmanstätten Wonders: The metal areas of the plate unveil the mesmerizing Widmanstätten lines, a celestial fingerprint etched in iron. These lines are testament to the gradual crystallization of metals in the void of space, creating a visual symphony of cosmic proportions.
  3. Olivine Illumination: In the play of light, the Seymchan meteorite plate comes alive with luminous highlights. The orange-yellow olivine inclusions, like celestial gemstones, shimmer and dance, adding a touch of cosmic radiance to your surroundings.

Versatile Elegance: Beyond its celestial origins, the Seymchan meteorite plate serves as more than a collector’s item. Utilize its magnetic properties to elegantly showcase it on a magnetic stand, turning any space into a cosmic sanctuary.

A Stellar Conversation Piece: Owning a piece of the Seymchan meteorite is not just a possession; it’s a stellar conversation starter. Enrich your living space or collection with the cosmic heritage encapsulated in this unique and exclusive meteorite plate.

Unveil the Cosmos: Bring the wonders of the cosmos into your daily life. Acquire the Seymchan meteorite plate and bask in the cosmic splendor that has traveled across the universe to grace your interior with its extraordinary elegance.

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Lot ME-1

METEORITE SEYMCHAN 262 GR, Meteorite C-806

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Lot ME-1

METEORITE SEYMCHAN 262 GR, Meteorite C-806

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