Lot M3

Sericho meteorite



Eastern Kenya


2.5x2.5x0.2 cm



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500 $


Lot Essay

Celestial Elegance: Sericho Meteorite Plate

Embark on a cosmic journey with the Sericho meteorite, a celestial rarity discovered in Eastern Kenya. This polished plate, a harmonious blend of artistic design and celestial allure, is more than a mere collector’s item – it’s a distinctive piece of the universe that promises to enrich both your interior and your esteemed collection.

Key Features:

  1. Pallasite Beauty: Sericho belongs to the prestigious family of pallasites, and this meteorite plate showcases its characteristic structure. The metal matrix forms the foundation, a captivating alloy of iron and nickel, housing enchanting orange-colored olivine grains. These olivine inclusions can occupy up to 70% of the meteorite, creating a celestial mosaic.
  2. Structured Harmony: The polished plate boasts a square shape with smooth edges, creating a captivating contrast with the meteorite’s uneven and textured surface. The play between the refined form and the inherent cosmic irregularities adds an intriguing dimension to this exclusive piece.
  3. Widmanstätten Whispers: Upon closer inspection, subtle Widmanstätten lines reveal themselves, showcasing the meteorite’s intricate cooling patterns. These lines, with large and gently blurred edges, offer a glimpse into the cosmic ballet that unfolded during Sericho’s journey through the vastness of space.

A Celestial Masterpiece: Owning a Sericho meteorite plate is an invitation to behold the majesty of the cosmos within the confines of your collection or living space. The interplay of metal and olivine, combined with the distinctive Widmanstätten lines, makes this celestial masterpiece an exceptional addition to any collection.

Collector’s Delight: Acquire this exclusive Sericho meteorite plate to infuse your surroundings with the elegance of the cosmos. As a collector’s delight, it promises not only aesthetic allure but also a tangible connection to the cosmic wonders that continue to captivate humanity’s imagination.

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Lot M3

Sericho meteorite

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Lot M3

Sericho meteorite

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