Lot M2047

Lunar meteorite NWA 11524 20.47 g



North-West Africa


9.1x7.5 cm

Sample Weight:

20.47 g





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Celestial Rarity: NWA 11524 Lunar Meteorite Fragment

Embark on a cosmic journey with an extraordinary piece of the Moon — the NWA 11524 meteorite fragment. This rare celestial gem, with its unusual origin and limited availability, stands as a unique addition to both interior decor and esteemed collections.

Key Features:

  1. Lunar Origin: NWA 11524 is not just any meteorite; it hails from the Moon. Lunar meteorites, a rare subset, are formed when a celestial body collides with the Moon, sending rock fragments hurtling into space. Some of these fragments find their way to Earth, making lunar meteorites an exceptionally rare and sought-after category.
  2. Heterogeneous Structure: The cut surface of NWA 11524 reveals a captivating and heterogeneous structure. Small and large grains of various minerals, along with detrital material, are intricately arranged within the basalt matrix. This unique composition tells the story of the lunar landscape and the cosmic forces that shaped it.
  3. Limited Availability: Lunar meteorites are scarce, with only about 140 known finds. Owning a piece of NWA 11524 is not just a possession; it’s a connection to the Moon’s surface and the celestial events that led to its formation.

A Piece of the Moon: Bring the wonders of the cosmos into your living space with this lunar meteorite fragment. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone passionate about the mysteries of space, NWA 11524 offers a rare and unique glimpse into lunar geology.

Collector’s Delight: This meteorite fragment is more than a collector’s item; it’s a testament to the cosmic dance between celestial bodies. Acquire NWA 11524 to add a touch of the Moon’s mystique to your collection and create conversations around the captivating allure of the lunar realm.

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Lot M2047

Lunar meteorite NWA 11524 20.47 g

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Lot M2047

Lunar meteorite NWA 11524 20.47 g

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